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  1. 180 Nutrition
    We, 180 Nutrition, are Australia's premier supplier of all-natural protein supplements & health products. All of our ingredients are fuelled by nature & designed for excellence. Goal of 180 Nutrition is 1. To make whole food health supplements: Deliciously raw, pure, healthy foods, with no hidden chemicals or artificial ingredients of any kind. Supplements that everyone could enjoy that would help to deeply nourish our body every day. 2. To provide the best available health information: To connect with the world’s best experts in health and nutrition via podcasting. To challenge conventional thinking and share discoveries along the way through an online community.
  1. Amazonia

    Amazonia is an Australian company committed to producing nutritious whole food supplements as well as caring for the environment. They choose natural ingredients with superfood status to enrich their products with beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Amazonia use Fair Trade ingredients, recycled packaging and donate to environmental projects. Their products are also free from allergens like wheat and dairy, are non GMO, and are of course free from any artificial and synthetic ingredients.

  2. Antipodes
    Antipodes® is a Scientific Green Beauty™ company from New Zealand that uses pollution-free, results-driven native New Zealand ingredients in its award-winning plant-powered vegan beauty™ and certified organic premium skincare range. Founder and CEO Elizabeth Barbalich has a background in science and innovation so understands how to bridge the gap between natural and prestige formulations - by using only those products made from sustainable healthy ingredients with skin-enhancing properties that pass robust scientific testing.
  3. ATP Science

    ATP Science is not only on a different page than other health companies – we are in a different book!

    Our motto is results, not excuses – and we live by that rule for everything we do. We believe that in order to help people achieve whatever their health goals are we have to produce great products and back it up with great information in a way that people can understand and implement.

  4. Australian By Nature
    Australian by Nature is a wholly Australian owned and operated company supplying beehive products, natural health supplements and complementary medicines to Australia and the world. Established in 1995, it has become one of the market leaders in Australian and New Zealand natural health products. Due to its geography, Australia’s pristine pastures, clear waters and lush forests are isolated from environmental threats and pollutants that exist in other parts of the world
  1. Balance Sports Nutrition
    Balance Sports Nutrition is one of the longest running sports nutrition brands in Australia and New Zealand. Our philosophy is to provide you a performance edge using clean, quality ingredients in functional formulas that taste great. Our product are scientifically developed for the active sportsperson without artificial additives. As a product Australasian based business, Balance Sports Nutrition has its own quality system and MPI, Medsafe & TGA certified manufacturing facility. This allows maximum quality control, which in turn guarantees you maximum results. All products carry our seal of quality and purity.
  2. Bee Power
    Here at Bee Power we specialise in supplying 100% Natural Australian Honey products to distributors around the globe. BeePower was established in 2006 and started with just on product, our sought after ‘Bee Pollen and Honey Fusion’. Since then, BeePower has grown the product range to what you see today, providing top quality Australian and New Zealand honey products, such as; Certified Organic honey, Eucalyptus honey, Manuka honey, Jarrah honey and much more. Our property and factory is situated in Mudgee, 261 Kilometers north-west of Sydney, long side the fertile Cudgegong River valley. Mudgee’s name meaning “Nest in the Hills’ is know for its clean and green farming of honey, wine & milk. At Bee Power we produce our own honey and also distributes Australian and New Zealand made honey and bee products around the world.
  3. Before you speak
    We’re on a simple mission: to help you get more out of each day! We believe life is for living and a day without coffee is like… actually we have no idea. We are transforming the functional coffee space, bringing you premium instant coffee blends to help improve health, wellbeing & performance. By infusing our coffee with superfoods, you get more out of each cup! We will keep you caffeinated, so that you can focus on getting sh*t done.
  4. Beneme
    Beneme was developed because we could see a huge gap in the market for nutritionally enriched milk powder drinks. Most of the brands currently sold in Australia today are extremely high in sugar and also use fillers like maltodextrin. The milk powder is sourced from inferior overseas grain-fed cows. When developing Beneme we wanted to produce a product we could give to our own children, and our own aging parents. We wanted to use milk sourced from premium Australian grass fed cows and ensure that there were no fillers, sugars, artificial sweeteners or artificial colours, flavours or additives.
  5. Berringa
    Although honey can be found in virtually all countries in the world, the conditions in Australia are ideal for the creation of high quality and unique honey. All of Berringa’s honey is only sourced from Australian beekeepers, guaranteeing superior quality. The Raw Single Filtered, Cold Extracted Eucalyptus honey is minimally processed ensuring a natural, delicious taste. It is also guaranteed to be Australian Certified Organic (ACO), so you can be sure of the purity. If you haven’t tasted Berringa Eucalyptus Honey, you really should give it a try! Then there is Manuka honey. Many people believe this is only available from New Zealand, but it’s actually widely produced in Australia as well. In fact, Australia’s warmer climate provide very favourable conditions for growing Manuka plants (and we have 83 species) that produce honey with high amounts of methylglyoxal (MGO) from their unique nectar and pollen, as acknowledged by world experts in honey production. Scientists believe this is governed by the heat and humidity of the Australian environment, stemming from the latitude difference between Australia and New Zealand.
  6. Best of bone
    The creators and producers of the Best of the Bone grass-fed bone broth concentrate superfoods. One of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and the richest bone broths in terms of gut, joint, brain, skin and bone benefits. From certified and audited grass-fed bones - via the planet's only government audited grass-fed program (MPI of New Zealand). This is NOT a denatured powder, but a complete bone broth. Click here to see all of our BEST OF THE BONE bone broth products Best of the Bone grass-fed bone broths: Quality: USA FSIS Approved Facility, HACCP compliant (worldwide safety standards), MSA Certified. Made in Australia with Australian and New Zealand grass-fed certified beef leg bones. Compliance: Compliant with the Australian Standards and Overseas Country Requirements and Australian Quarantine Inspection Service as well as HACCP compliant. In short, the production of this product adheres to the strictest standards.
  7. Biotta Juices
    Founded in Switzerland in 1931 by Dr. Hugo Brandenberger, the organic beverage company, Biotta, has remained dedicated to our original goal of producing top-quality juice from vegetables and fruits just as nature intended–fresh from the field into the bottle. Biotta produced and launched our first line of juices in 1957. Over the years, Biotta has farmed more than 1,700 acres of chemical-, fertilizer-, and toxic-free land — a very rare find among today’s farmland. Along with three generations of family farmers, Biotta has established reliable and scientific organic growing techniques, protecting the natural wholesomeness and taste of all ingredients. Biotta juices use only natural and physical processing methods as opposed to commonly used chemical methods. Production routines at Biotta have a direct impact on the quality of the juices: the fewer processing steps, the higher the nutritional value. Established in business for 60 years, including 40 years in the U.S., Biotta is one of the top selling functional juice brands in the world. The taste of Biotta’s quality juices, along with their focus on health and wellness, are widely accepted and exported to more than 40 countries.
  8. Blessed
    Blessed is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free and produced with 100% sustainable raw ingredients. Not only is it what’s in the protein, but it’s also what's NOT in our protein that sets Blessed apart; zero artificial additives, sweeteners, grit or digestive enzymes. Blessed Protein helps to support weight loss due to it's low GI (Glycaemic Index) and low carbohydrates levels. It also assists your body to control appetite and cravings through a high satiety, meaning you will feel fuller for longer. Blessed Protein is 100% naturally sweetened with stevia and cutting-edge natural flavor technology making the flavors deliciously smooth and enjoyable to drink, even with just water.
  9. Blooms
    • Blossoming from a grand vision of excellence, acting as forerunners to a new era of innovation; Bloom is set to lead the market with its groundbreaking departmental store concept. • This contemporary model was the byproduct of a unique shopping experience envisioned by the founders where customers come first and foremost in a positive environment catering to all walks of life. • Tailoring solutions and unparalleled satisfaction from all stakeholders, ranging from clients to suppliers, is Bloom's primary prerogative; raising the bar of the defined international benchmarks in service and trade above local and international market conventions. • In Bloom the accommodating philosophy we practice is the key to our pleasing performance, channeling all our skills and resources to lead beyond the conventional to something exceptional, heralding the market to new heights of achievement.
  10. Bodiez
    BODIE’Z was founded by Bodie Lazar in 2015 as a way of solving a common issue in the nutrition and sports supplement market. An avid gym goer and sports player, Bodie was consuming many different proteins and supplements. Constantly mixing numerous products together, it was time consuming and expensive. The biggest issue was the heavy, milky nature of the protein supplements that were hard to stomach and digest during and post exercise. Determined to find a solution, Bodie set out to create a one-stop shop functional sports supplement containing whey protein isolate, vitamins, minerals for rehydration and a complete branched chain amino acid profile (BCAAs). It had to be light on the stomach, have a great mouth feel, utilise the highest quality ingredients and above all else – taste sensational. After a year of R&D, countless trials, formulation and ingredient changes, Bodie was finally confident that Protein Water could now be launched to the market. Shortly after, his brother Lachlan joined the business and the boys are now supplying major grocery and chemist chains across Australia.
  11. Body Crystals
    The Body Crystal™ range which made its debut on the market in 1993, and has since earned itself a reputation as a leader in crystal deodorants. Not only as the best quality supplier of unique crystal deodorants. The company’s range of crystal-based products is extensive. Building on the cornerstone of fragrance free rocks, sticks, mists and roll-ons, the range incorporates a number of fragrances and include natural extracts like Aloe Vera. The companies’ strengths lie in its ability to produce the finest quality crystal deodorant products at very affordable prices, combined with its vast range of consumer solutions to personal hygiene. These aspects continue to increase its expansion through sheer popularity. We are positioned as one of Australia’s largest supplier of these products to major supermarket, pharmaceutical and health food chains we have successfully advanced internationally. Export operations also extend to New Zealand and other countries. With continuing research and development of quality cost effective and unique products the companies’ future is exciting indeed! The Body Crystal™ is made by Queen Perfumery Company, a division of Queen Fine Foods Pty Ltd (“Queen”). Queen has a long history of manufacturing and distributing cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, and lotions.
  12. Bonvit
    Bonvit is a family run, 100% Australian owned business that has been trading since 1973. Our origins are in retail; this has given us a unique perspective not necessarily shared by other manufacturers. Our focus is on serving our clients well, and promoting the interests of our Australian retail trading partners. Our mission is to do this by providing high quality, healthy products for our valued customers that will surpass any comparable product in value or effectiveness. The needs and well-being of our customers eclipse all other considerations. The Bonvit range features Psyllium products, Dandelion Beverage, Herbal Tea, Henna Hair Colours, Organic Soy Drink, Guarana, and other health food products. All Bonvit products are manufactured here in Australia from imported and locally produced goods and distributed in Australia and New Zealand. We are available in participating Health Foods Stores, Pharmacies, Coles, Woolworths and independent grocery.
  13. BPM Labs
    BPM Labs provides scientifically optimized sports, fitness and nutrition supplements, such as pre-workouts, test boosters, fat burners etc. for anyone who is seriously interested in reaching their health and fitness goals from the enthusiastic beginner to advanced athletes. Our philosophy means BPM Labs is committed to sourcing the highest quality, raw ingredients from the most reputable suppliers through to the formulation processes of extracting and blending ingredients. For consumers, the result is a range of supplements of outstanding quality that will exceed your expectations to help you achieve your fitness goals.
  14. Bragg

    Founded as a Los Angeles health food store way back in 1912, Bragg spent the last century growing and developing hundreds of their own natural health products, including their signature apple cider vinegar, which they now supply worldwide under the leadership of Patricia Bragg.


    Our entire product family supports our goal of making it simpler, more practical, and a lot more possible for everyone to live healthier lives. We figure, why chase trends when you can offer the authentic, tried-and-true originals?


    We simply trust that you’ll know a good thing once you try it.

  15. BSC
    The Body Science BSc corporate mission is to research, formulate and manufacture performance-boosting and healthy lifestyle supplements. The talented and diverse team of BSc experts works with this goal in mind, developing safe and effective nutritional supplements that improve life by enhancing physical and mental health and well being. Body Science guarantee that every product sold from our range meets label claims. At BSc there is no room for products that fall short of this standard.
  16. BSN
    We at BSN are here to provide you the customer with the most unique and effective formulas and performance supplements ever developed. We strive to bring you breakthrough products that have been scientifically engineered to enhance your physique and performance. BSN is committed to setting new standards in product development and becoming a leader in the supplement industry. We also stand behind the quality of our products 100%. Most importantly, our products will far exceed your expectations. If you want results then you've come to the right place, you won't be disappointed.
  1. Cellucor
    Cellucor is an award winning industry leader committed to premium products, innovation, and most importantly, your results. We strive to be the elite difference makers in the world of sports nutrition and dietary supplements. We consistently reinvent ourselves, updating our products to deliver the latest and greatest advances to help you reach and exceed your goals. Cellucor changed the game with labels that clearly show all key ingredient dosages and set the stage for game changing results.
  2. Chia co
    John Foss, a fourth generation Australian farmer, established The Chia Co with the vision to make a positive contribution to the health and wellness of the global community. The Chia Co are the largest producers of Chia seed in the world. Founder and CEO John Foss, discovered the benefits of Chia while researching natural solutions to modern diet related diseases such as obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol. The Chia Co farms are located in the pristine Kimberley region of Western Australia, exactly 15 degrees south of the equator. Growing Chia at this latitude provides the ideal conditions, maximizing the Omega 3 oil profile in every seed.
  1. Denmar
    Denmar are the creators of Colon Cleanse, one of the best and safest Intestinal Cleansers.
  2. Dr Bronner's
    Dr Bronner’s continues a five-generation legacy of natural soapmaking with high quality soaps and an unswerving commitment to corporate social responsibility. Their products, practices and profits are all geared to the good of the planet and its people. They use organic ingredients fair-trade sourced from small-scale farms, and support programs that promote water conservation, soil enrichment, waste reduction and re-forestation. They invest in equitable supply chains based on sustainable agriculture and fair wages for workers. For a more progressive future for all of humanity, they fund causes from animal welfare to agricultural hemp to consciousness study.
  3. Dr Organic
    Here at Dr Organic we seek out the treasures of the natural world to discover the purest and most potent extracts, delving deep into centuries old traditions and supercharged botanicals to create breakthrough formulations that make you look and feel incredible. From Manuka of New Zealand to Tea Tree of Australia and healing Aloe Vera, used by ancient cultures and still coveted for their remarkable body-beneficial properties, we explore the health and beauty secrets of the past to create the groundbreaking natural products of the future.
  4. Dymatize
    Dymatize was founded In 1994 to supply the highest quality nutritional supplements to college, Olympic, and professional athletic programs around the world, from pro football, basketball, hockey and baseball teams, to U.S. government programs such as the US Naval Academy. We now supply more than 300 different programs with nutritional supplements. One advantage of supplying college athletic programs is that many have their own testing facilities where our products are constantly evaluated.
  1. Eco modern essentials
    ECO. Modern Essentials is a Gold Coast based wellness brand specialising in 100% pure essential oils and blends to support overall health and wellbeing. Our aim is to simplify aromatherapy by sourcing and delivering pure essential oils and blends that are easy to use and incorporate into daily life. We strive to educate our community about the benefits and safe uses of essential oils, supported by both ancient traditional knowledge and recent scientific research. We work closely with our team of botanists, chemists and aromatherapists to develop the most effective essential oil blends and provide the best possible education on aromatherapy. From the source to your home, we aim to deliver quality natural ingredients and encourage a way of living grounded in respect for nature, connection to our environment and self-care. We hope that by inspiring more individuals to appreciate our natural resources, practicing self-care and taking steps to reduce their ecological footprint on this earth, it will help drive change in the world.
  2. Eco Tan
    In 2009, I was a wife, a Mum and an International Flight Attendant. Almost overnight I became a redundant, divorced, solo Mum; desperate for strength. I couldn't shake my black fog, so I went to my doctor and asked for antidepressants. My doctor said, "Sonya, you don't need medication, you're going through a life trauma. You need to focus on something good." So, I spent two weeks volunteering in East Timor, amongst people that were facing real struggles to survive. My mindset changed and something dark broke off me. It was there that I managed to turn my pain into power. Around the same time my younger sister was diagnosed with a Melanoma on her arm that required removal, leaving a terrible scar. She asked me if I knew of a natural spray tan that would not be harmful on her skin, so I asked my local beauty therapist, who told me hers were 99% natural. My gut feeling told me to research it and when I did, I was in for quite a surprise. I used my anger at the false and misleading claims out there and drew upon my love of natural and organic ingredients to start my own brand.
  3. EHP Labs
    We take a holistic approach to health and fitness as we believe in educating our customers and community on the benefits of our products, and through providing industry leading fitness and nutrition content to help our community achieve their goals. Our promise to our community is simple - to go above and beyond at every opportunity to help everyone reach their health and fitness goals. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers and products through continuous and never-ending improvement. Everyone here at #TeamEHP are family and here to empower through igniting positive and uplifting emotions to help and encourage everyone to live their best life. In our mission to innovate and create only the best, we live and breathe the ethos of family, positivity, transparency and continuous & never-ending improvement. We host periodic fitness programs such as the 8-week EHP Fit Challenge, completely free programs that offers free meal plans, training plans, and the customer support people might need in order to achieve their health and fitness goals. We also aim to expand our impact outside of the fitness community through our wider philanthropic program focusing in giving back through numerous charities and our ‘Be Empowered’ children’s foundation.
  4. Essenza
    Essenzza make natural health & wellness products including ear candles, face wipes and facial masks. Their expanding range is being developed based on original R&D backed by 25 years of industry experience and delivers the highest level of performance at very reasonable prices.
  5. Ezy Protein
    At ezyprotein we are all about helping people to optimise well-being. We are on this planet for a very short time and good physical and mental health is so important to enjoy a fulfilling life.
  1. Fem 21
    Hi, I’m Meah. Naturopath and mum of two girls. Fem21 was born from my need to restore the balance in my own body and I wanted to help as many women as possible to do the same. Like many women I see in my practice, I started taking the pill in my early 20s to manage my skin, my cycles, and for contraception. I had a strong response to the synthetic hormones and quickly spiralled into depression and anxiety. When I came off the pill, my husband and I decided to start a family. Then I faced miscarriages and a high-risk pregnancy with my second daughter. After finishing breastfeeding, I had the IUD inserted for contraception as I couldn't ever go back on the pill, but this played havoc with my moods and energy levels. I was adrenally exhausted, constantly bloated, and my skin was terrible. Ironically, I was working as a Naturopath in a fertility clinic – immersed in women's health and hormones – but I was ignoring my own issues.
  2. Five Point Detox
    5 Point Detox is a liquid herbal detox tonic very effective at addressing constipation, flatulence, indigestion, bloating, parasites and fluid retention as well as improving liver, digestive and intestinal health. It is easy to take – only 2 tsp in a glass of water or juice 3 times a day (or 3 tsp twice a day if that suits you better) is all that is needed. There are no other shakes, pills, powders or potions, making this a very simple option for detoxification. The liquid tonic also ensures that you can adjust the dose to what works best for you as an individual.
  3. Fusion Health
    At Fusion Health, we believe the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine – with its emphasis on achieving and maintaining balance and harmony of the body, mind and spirit – can help you experience the health, vitality and wellbeing you’re looking for. Established in Byron Bay in 1999, Fusion Health was born out of our co-founder Paul Keogh’s clinical experience formulating Chinese and Western herbal extracts for his patients. Paul consistently observed that incorporating Chinese herbal extracts into his formulas provided significantly greater therapeutic and health benefits to his patients than formulating with Western herbal extracts alone.
  1. Gat Sports Nutrition
    GAT Sport, with 20 years of excellence satisfying our customers and retailers around the world. This has been achieved through trusted products that deliver results. They’re backed by premium ingredients, proven formulas backed by science, research and clinical studies
  2. Gen-tec
    Gen-Tec Nutrition was founded in 1999 by Nick Jones who has devoted 33 years of his life to nutrition, health and the art of Bodybuilding. The Gen-Tec formulations are always evolving and retail sales are experiencing rapid growth throughout Australia and targeted overseas markets. First and foremost, Nick Jones is a Body Recomposition Specialist whose goal is to improve quality of life and enhance performance through superior nutrition, exercise and specific supplementation. Nick's dedication to body building has paid dividends throughout the past 28 years and has been justified by his achievements through local, national and international platforms. His achievements include Mr World, Mr Australia, Mr Australasia and 1st runner-up in the prestigious Mr Universe competition. These award winning honours are testimony to the benefits of the Gen-Tec product range.
  3. Ghost
    Ghost at its simplest is the World's first Lifestyle Sports Nutrition Brand. The name Ghost and mantra "Be Seen" come from that feeling of being behind the scenes and wanting to be heard, wanting to make an impact; We're all Ghosts. This is our Time. The guys from Ghost Lifestyle had a singular vision - Rather than chase the norm they wanted to create a lifestyle focused sports nutrition brand they always wanted to be part of.
  4. Giant Sports
    Boasting quality, integrity and transparency, Giant Sports International are fiercely committed to producing the most innovative, best tasting, and safest sports nutrition and dietary supplement products available on the market. As a company founded on the philosophy that better science produces better results, Giant Sports International prides themselves on the rigorous and extensive research behind their supplements and the professional reviews that go into ensuring absolute quality control across the board. Where excellence and attention to detail are concerned, Giant Sports International has raised the bar. Giant Sports International hit the ground running with the creation of some of the best-tasting proteins to hit the global market and haven’t stopped since. They continue to make a splash in the pre-workout and keto supplement domain and will stop at no lengths to continue improving their dietary ingredient selection, product taste and even their product manufacturing processes.
  5. Gluten Free Oats
    My name is Kylie and these are my Oat babies. 10 years ago I saw an opportunity to be the first to import a brand-new certified product from the US, Gluten-Free Oats. Oopsy, I said the name that should NOT be named. Yep, ya can’t call Oats Gluten-Free in Australia, oh darn, I said it again. This is due to an outdated labelling law that was based on a study published in 2005 that was done on contaminated oats. A lot of people get very confused when it comes to the humble innocent rolled oat. See, our farmers in the US, GF Harvest started a project in 2003 to show the world that if Oats were grown in a controlled effectively uncontaminated environment, that they were, in fact, gluten-free. In 2007 all the authorities agreed with their research and findings and declared that oats that were not contaminated from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley could, in fact, be called gluten-free. So, it was 2009, I reached out to GF Harvest LLC, a Gluten-Free Oats company and bought my very first load of oats, 750kg. Well, I was quickly introduced to the subclause in the Food Labelling standards. By Crickey, this was now a BIG problem. Being the tough country girl I am, this was not going to hold me back, so, I kept going. I knew that the food options in the gluten-free sector were based on GMO Corn, Soy and refined sugar and this was going to be a real problem for us whereas Oats could provide that true health conscious, gluten suffers the beautiful nutritional benefits they required every day. Today, we still have that pesky little labelling law, but, we believe it will change as studies get completed at Monash University on oats. Which is awesome, because we are on track to sell over 100 tonnes of beautiful oats to the Australian and New Zealand community in 2020. I test EVERY batch that comes into Australia and EVERY batch contains NIL gluten, meeting the Australian standards, so I declared we were “The Oats you could Trust”!
  6. Goli
    We are an inventive, people-focused nutrition company who believe that happiness and wellness go hand in hand. It’s our goal to help you reach your nutrition goals while enjoying your daily supplements. Our ACV gummies are just that! Made with the best vegan and gluten-free ingredients - enjoy the taste of your daily ACV! We are driven by the belief that everyone has the power to make their own happiness. And that power begins with being healthy. Easier said than done, right? We totally agree. You don’t always have time. The world revolves quickly and your whole day can change in a heartbeat. Not to worry, we’re one step ahead of you. Because we work hard to invent smart new supplements and provide customized advice to help keep your nutrition goals right on track. If this sounds good to you, well, it’s because it really is. Because we do it with easy-to-take, and easy-to-integrate products that don’t interrupt your busy lifestyle, but actually complement it.
  7. Grants
    Established in 1985, Grants is an Australian owned and operated company, producing natural alternatives to dental care and health supplements at an affordable price. Their toothpaste range looks, feels and tastes like traditional toothpaste but is free from SLS's, fluoride and gluten free and is also Vegan and not tested on animals. Loved by adults and children and they contain the healing benefits of certified organic aloe vera and natural herbs for gentle oral care and fresh breath.
  8. Green Nutritionals
    Green Nutritionals is an Australian company committed to providing high quality, potent superfoods and supplements. Established in 1995 with the launch of their renowned Hawaiian Pacific Spirulina, their products are Licensed Australian GMP, sustainable and not tested on animals.
  1. Hemp Foods
    Hemp Foods Australia was founded in 1999 by Paul Benhaim. Paul had been asked to come to Australia in 1999 to 'do what he had done well in Europe'. Paul had founded the hemp industry in the UK by being the first to create a commercial hemp food product. Paul wanted to create the same in Australia, a place he loved and where his family was to grow and as a result Hemp Foods Australia was born.
  2. Herba tint

    For over 40 years our products have been inspired by nature and well-being of women, our challenge is to enhance their natural beauty by taking care of their hair. This is the spirit that still characterizes our philosophy.

    Our products are like our brand, simple and timeless, the symbol of our heritage and of our knowledge. Herbatint has always been the most natural alternative in the field of permanent colouring. Colors, nuances, and shades offer each woman the color that best expresses her personality. A true art in creating the best results while keeping hair healthy.

    Our focus on naturalness drives us to use the purest raw materials, from the pharmaceutical industry, and carefully selected organic plant extracts. This focus goes right down to our packaging, which is 100% recyclable. We are advocates for animal rights and support the abolition of all forms of exploitation. Passion and dedication lead us towards innovation and research. Delicate and finely balanced formulas, perfected over time, are specifically designed to provide the safest and most natural alternative in hair colouring.


  3. Herbs of Gold

    Herbs of Gold was born in 1989 as a humble herbal liquid product range. Proudly Australian, we have a desire to promote health and wellbeing throughout all of Australia. For over 30 years, we have been devoted to producing a 'gold standard' range of therapeutic herbal and nutritional supplements to nourish Australians with quality products.

    Today, Herbs of Gold has over 100 herbal, vitamin, mineral, nutrient and superfood formulations that come in tablet, capsule, powder and liquid forms to suit people of all ages, life stages and personal preferences. We create products that are clean and free from as many binders and fillers as possible, priding ourselves on our low allergy products that do not contain any artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. Our passion is looking at health from a holistic point of view, producing products that help maintain health from a ‘prevention is better than cure’ perspective.

    Our team is made up of experienced naturopaths, herbalists and nutritionists. We ensure all our formulas are based on traditional evidence and current scientific research. Each step of our manufacturing process, from a selection of raw materials to the manufacturing of the finished product, is performed with utmost care. All our products meet stringent regulations for safety and quality, set out by both the Australian Government and Herbs of Gold.

  4. Herman Brot
    Established on the back of 160 years’ experience in the German and French food industry, Herman Brot is a unique Australian supplier of high protein, low carbohydrate and low GI staple foods. With a product suite that currently includes low carb bread, low carb pasta and protein muesli, the benefits of these natural and certified products (University of Sydney, SUGiRS) are outstanding and have no competition. All products have the 5 Health Star rating, are suitable for people on weight loss programs, fitness and health orientated people, vegans, vegetarians, those on keto diets and their low GI ratings make them the perfect addition to the diets of people with Type II diabetes.
  5. Hilde Hemmes
    Hilde Hemmes are Australia's leading therapeutic herbal tea manufacturer. They are a family owned company, born from a background and knowledge in herbs. They have a long-standing commitment to herbal health, and their herbal products are of paramount quality.
  1. Juniper
    Juniper Australia is a professionally prescribed organic skincare range. All of our products are formulated within Sydney, Australia with 1st grade certified organic, natural ingredients. No chemicals or synthetic preservatives are used in our skincare and our formulations are at therapeutic levels to ensure the medicinal levels of the ingredients perform at their best. Unlike the majority of skincare products available today, our products are formulated on a regular basis and delivered to the practitioner within days of completion, this is why you will see the difference in the health of your skin. To see for yourself, why not contact us for a stockist near you and receive a complimentary skincare pack for your individual skin type. Juniper is also committed to the prevention of cruelty to animals within Australia and overseas and therefore will not use any products or ingredients that have been tested on animals including palm oil, or purchase from companies that have any involvement. The bulk of our packaging is able to be recycled and our correspondence and brochures are printed on recycled post consumer waste paper.
  1. Ketao
    Ketao bring you effective keto supplements to help you train, think, burn fat and perform better overall. Free from artificial ingredients and additives, only the highest quality ingredients are used in our products.
  1. Lakewood
    Lakewood fruit juices are some of the best you’re ever likely to taste. Pressed fresh to keep the full flavour and nutrient value of the raw fruit, they’re vacuum sealed in glass bottles to make sure every last drop of goodness reaches your cup. No added sugar, fillers or preservatives.
  2. Lenny n Larry
    Lenny & Larry’s was founded by two friends with a passion for fitness, having fun and the first to truly bake with protein. Combining a fitness background with an interest in nutritional baked goods and promotional fun, we decided to create and market high protein muffins, cookies and other all natural baked goods. Lenny & Larry’s mission is to continue to create and distribute quality baked goods as well as to encourage physical fitness and a healthy diet. We appreciate everyone’s loyal support.
  3. Lotus
    Lotus ethically sources the finest organic and GMO-free foods from sustainable farms around the world and packs them in a hypoallergenic facility in Melbourne, using airtight resealable bags to preserve freshness. They have the knowhow to select the best and healthiest natural ingredients, and their passionate belief that consumers should know what they’re buying goes well beyond truth in labelling: They include their trademark ‘Key to Good Health’ on every package to explain exactly what’s inside and what it’s good for.
  4. Loving Earth
    Founded in 2007, Loving Earth is a Melbourne-based sustainably-minded business that works with small communities to produce the finest in organic foods. With strong fair trade beliefs, the company works with a number of Indigenous communities around the world to source the finest in raw ingredients for their range of chocolate bars, teas, spreads and superfood snacks.
  1. Martin & Pleasanse
    For over 150 years Martin and Pleasance has provided an extensive range of natural remedies based on a commitment to integrity, quality and innovation. The Martin and Pleasance portfolio includes many familiar brands such as Bach Flower Remedies, Rescue Remedy, Rescue Sleep, Spatone, Schuessler Tissue Salts, Kidz Minerals, Harmony, Ki, Zen tincture, Homoeopathic complex range and Herbal creams. These trusted Martin and Pleasance products are suitable for various lifestyle stages and health conditions that you can choose with confidence.
  2. Melrose
    Established in 1979, Melrose is a now a well-known and trusted 100% Australian-owned, global company that believes eating your way to good health should be a convenient and great-tasting experience. It only uses the highest quality ingredients, which are sourced from Australian organic growers wherever possible, and the fish used in its fish oils are from monitored and approved sustainable fishing areas.
  3. Moogoo
    The fact that MooGoo even exists is a happy accident. In 2005, the Head of the Herd (Craig Jones) noticed that his mother was using a white paste, intended for use on cows, to help with her Psoriasis. The cream was formulated to help keep the skin on cow’s udders in good condition for milking. Cow’s udders need to be kept soft and supple, not dry and cracked. No one likes an angry cow with sore or cracked udders when it comes time to attach those milking cups. Although it seemed to be working well, the cream was thick and hard to apply. Since his mum didn’t particularly like being lathered in a thick cream made for cows, he took on the task of reformulating it and made up a lighter, non-greasy version. The word “udder” was a bit crass for an old-fashioned “lady” so they referred to it as “MooGoo” (goo for the cows) and the name stuck. Starting a skin care company wasn’t the initial idea, but friends and family kept asking for more of it, and eventually, Craig went into business. Since then MooGoo has grown to over 40 products to help with lots of different skin and scalp problems and sold throughout the world. From dealing with irritable skin and itchy scalps to natural sun care products and a baby range for the little ones. And most recently, a natural dental range. MooGoo’s ingredient philosophy has always remained the same: To make effective products using healthy ingredients, that we are comfortable using on ourselves and our loved ones.
  1. Natalplex
    Unlike other infant formulas on the market, the milk in Natalplex baby formula is from Australian cows and is solely manufactured (sourced, manufactured and packed) in Australia for your benefit. Australia has some of the world’s most pristine pastures and is renowned for having some of the best dairy produce in the world. You can be confident in knowing that Natalplex Premium Gold infant formulas are made from exceptional Australian quality milk. The infant formula is fortified with the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for bottle-fed babies. Although, breast milk is best, Natalplex Premium Gold Infant formula is a unique formulation to ensure that your baby is getting all that they need in order to promote optimal growth and development. Natalplex Gold Step 1: Newborn, Step 2: Infant and Step 3: Toddler is specifically designed to cater for your baby’s rapidly increasing nutritional needs.
  2. Natural Life
    Natural Life™ is a brand built on quality. For almost 30 years, we have had the vision of enhancing the health and quality of life of all our customers. Natural Life™ products are processed and manufactured to the highest GMP standards in Australia and the world. Our goal is to enhance your health, your vitality, and to improve your general well-being. We are continually researching and developing natural health products & skincare, to offer an ever-expanding range of natural health solutions for people of all ages and needs. Natural Life™ is Australia's leading bee product brand - many of our products contain some of the most nutrient-packed ingredients found in nature; Propolis and Manuka Honey. Propolis is produced by bees and used to sterilise their hives and protect them from bacteria, viruses and fungi. Much like a coat of amour, propolis products the hive from infection due to its potent antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. Propolis has been rediscovered as a nutrient packed superfood, and for its amazing disease-fighting powers.
  3. Nature Sunshine
    In a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to human health, never has there been a greater demand for products that take a natural, holistic approach to wellness – an approach that is designed around the interdependence of the body’s various systems. Nature’s Sunshine Products perfectly meet this growing worldwide need by marrying time-honoured wisdom with cutting edge technology. By placing in your hands the finest quality herbs and nutritional supplements, Nature’s Sunshine gives you the tools you need to take responsibility for your health to look and feel your best.
  4. NDS Nutrition
    NDS provides trusted products for increased calorie burning, body toning, weight maintenance, general health and overall well being. Since 2002, we have formulated our premium supplements with pure, high-quality ingredients to help you achieve extraordinary results and improve your overall quality of life. We are dedicated to continually develop next-generation products that empower anyone, at any stage in life, to accomplish their weight loss goals. Whether it’s weight loss, performance enhancement, or simply better overall health, we develop advanced products to get them there
  5. Nutraviva
    Nutraviva is an Australian-owned supplier of Premium Collagen and Gelatin products based in Bathurst, Australia. Bruno Rossitt, the founding member and CEO, a former physical education professional, successful sports coach and cross fit enthusiast has a long history of involvement with contact sports. Over this time he has developed an in depth knowledge and interest in the role of diet and nutrition in sports performance, injury and recovery. On the basis of significant and rapid improvements experienced with the use of high quality Collagen and Gelatin products in the area of sports performance and injuries, he decided to dedicate more time to the study of these wonder proteins. He discovered that not only were they of particular efficacy in the field of sports, but also extremely effective for a broader range of health applications such as gut, bone and joint issues as well as promoting significant benefits for skin, hair, nails as well as boosting the body’s level of natural immunity. This is where and why the initial enthusiasm for these super proteins became more than merely a personal interest and gave birth to what is now Nutraviva, a thriving and successful Collagen and Gelatin business. Nutraviva’s mission of providing the best and most effective Collagen products on the local market at reasonable prices led to an international search for the ideal conditions and locations from which to source what are now considered to be the highest grade of Premium Collagen and Gelatin products available on the Australian market.
  6. Nutrivital
    At NutriVital, we are committed to supporting Australians in achieving optimal health and experiencing natural vitality. Our range has been favoured by Australian families for 20 years for it’s potency, premium quality and visible health benefits. Since 1999, we have aligned ourselves with experienced Australian GMP manufacturers who have the expertise to bring our brand to life. We have always prided ourself on manufacturing all products in Australia and more recently New Zealand. All of our manufacturers are subject to routine inspections by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) to ensure they adhere to GMP conditions.The efficacy of our product is what matters most to us, we guarantee that quality will always surmount price. NutriVital strives to innovate by working with our manufacturers to create quality products based on traditional and scientific evidence.
  7. Nuzest

    Nuzest is an Australian Company, operating Globally, that brings together the best of nutritional science and natural medicine, in order to make good nutrition easy for everyone. Using only top quality, responsibly sourced ingredients, its products are based on real foods that are rich in nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals, and are designed to fill nutritional gaps caused by nutrient-deficient food, stressful lifestyles and poor eating habits.

    Independently formulated by a team of global health experts, NuZest offers a range of products: Good Green Stuff, Clean Lean Protein and Kids Good Stuff. Blended in world-class facilities, each product contains ingredients based on the latest scientific research and in a form that maximises bioavailability and efficacy. Regular reviews ensure that these products stay aligned with the most up-to-date research and information.

    All NuZest products are Vegan, Paleo and free from gluten, soy, and any artificial sweeteners.

    This brand uses no palm oil or derivatives in its products.

  1. Optimum Nutrition
    For 30 years, ON has been the world's most trusted training partner. Thanks for taking us along to every workout since 1986. Optimum Nutrition is legendary for both quality and innovation. In addition to making Gold Standard 100% Whey, the worlds' best-selling whey protein, ON created the slowly digesting protein category with Gold Standard 100% Casein. ON also created the anytime energy category, which remains dominated by Essential Amino Energy. When technology makes advancements possible, ON will be the company bringing it to your shaker cup. You keep heading back to the gym to beat yesterday’s personal best. We keep heading back to the R&D lab to accomplish the same thing. Progress. It’s what drives Optimum Nutrition to keep finding better tasting, more effective formulations to support the efforts of any adult pursing physique transformation and athletic performance goals.
  2. Organic Road
    Organic Road is premium organic food created naturally. We are dedicated to providing quality certified organic products. Organic Road grocery items include beans, lentils, rice, grains, dried fruit, nuts, cereals and a delectable range of healthy snacks. Our products come from the leading organic and bio dynamic suppliers in Australia and from all over the world.
  1. Planet Organic
    Planet Organic is an Australian owned company and they from their own purpose built warehouse on the Sunshine Coast. At Planet Organic we work to support your health and happiness by producing high quality certified organic products that respect you, your well-being and the future of our planet. From the wide range of our famous Planet Organic tea, herbs and spices and selected organic foods to our nutritional supplements, our starting point for all Planet Organic products is our dedication to organic integrity. All Planet Organic products are certified organic, by Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Our teabags are made from manilla hemp fibre, it is certified as suitable for use in organic products. No chlorine or other chemicals are used in the manufacture of our teabag filter paper. Look out for our exciting range of new teas. As with all our teas they are 'Full on flavour, Light on the Earth" and manufactured here in Australia on the Sunshine Coast. A favourite product among our customers, is planet organic cinnamon which uses certified organic cinnamon zeylanicum true cinnamon) from Sri Lanka.
  2. Power Super Foods
    Power Super Foods is an Australian company that has been providing organic superfoods since 2001. Specialising in certified organic, Vegan, raw, low GI, fairly traded, gluten and dairy free products, Power Super Foods harness the properties of traditional and unique plants and extracts to create blends which improve energy and enhance wellbeing. The Power Super Foods Maca Smoothie Blend is loved by Nourished Life as a delicious addition to smoothies and drinks, as well as the always useful Cacao Powder!
  3. Prana On
    PRANA ON is made by a fully Australian owned company dedicated to fuelling your movement and physcial fitness to its highest potential. Founded by a team including Billy Simmonds (former Natural Mr Universe Bodybuilder), Prana ON is a fusion of natural plant based wholefoods and superfoods formulated specifically for fit and active lifestyles. We have achieved the BEST TASTING and functioning formulas on the market, focusing on pure, natural, organic and wholefood ingredients.
  4. Pretorious
    Pretorius has been a leader in innovative complementary vitamins and supplements exclusively for the health food industry for over 30 years. Founded by Martin Pretorius, a leading advocate of nutritional therapy, Martin designed the "Get Well - Stay Well" system of nutritional supplementation from his desire to merge modern scientific understanding with principles of "Nature Cure". Nature Cure philosophy reasons that the body will heal itself once given the right conditions such as proper nutrition, rest and other natural means. The Pretorius range arose from this belief and today we are still committed to following the highest Naturopathic principles in our specialist vitamins and supplements range. This is evident in the quality and design of our formulations, produced to the highest standards of herbal, nutritional and homoeopathic supplementation.
  5. Proganics
    Organic is how our food is grown, farmed and processed and is your only guarantee that the product you're consuming is truly chemical free and sustainably farmed. You may not see any physical difference between a product that is organic and conventional but your body will thank you for choosing organic for years to come. Proganics is manufactured by Pro Amino in our own purpose built certified organic food manufacturing facility in Brisbane that holds HACCP Food Safety, ISO 9001 Quality, ACO and USDA Organic Certifications. It's the strict sourcing, approval, quality and manufacturing requirements set by Australian and USA Organic standards that makes Proganics a leading organic brand here in Australia
  6. Protein Bread Co
    Fast forward 8 years, now with a busy business and a very active toddler, I love and rely on our natural low carb products to give me the energy and stamina to do my best, each and every busy day. Over the years I’ve also witnessed low carb change the lives of thousands of customers – from weight loss, increased energy, reduced medications and a larger zest for life – reducing carbs and sugar in your diet is life changing. Low Carb makes a difference. Choosing low carb food is the only way to guarantee a truly low sugar lifestyle. Carbs are found in many foods including traditional breads, potatoes, pasta, rice, cereal, honey, fruit and even milk! Carbohydrates consist of 2 components – Starch and Sugar (glucose). When carbohydrate foods are eaten and digested, the body breaks these down int glucose. (Glucose is the simplest form of sugar). So, even if you eat a product that claims to be “Sugar Free” or “Low Sugar” but it has carbs in, the carbs will break down in your body to become sugar anyway.
  7. Pukka
    Pukka Tea have created an extensive range of delicious organic herbal teas for every mood and moment. Each tea is specially blended by their own master herbalist Sebastian Pole to create the most flavoursome teas with unique therapeutic properties to help balance the body and mind. All the herbs used in their blends are fair trade and independently grown to ensure minimal impact on the environment. All ingredients are 100% natural and organic and do not contain any artificial flavours or sweeteners.
  1. Quest
    Quest Bars were created from a simple idea: healthy food should taste amazing with zero compromises. We set out to deliver something that no one had done before and believed that with enough hard work and innovation food could be delicious and good for you. People eat for enjoyment rather than sustenance. That’s why Quest is driven to engineer foods that don’t compromise on taste or nutrition.
  1. Roogenic
    Roogenic is an Australian family owned all-natural health food company specialising in Australian Native Plants. We are a premium supplier and market leader of Australian bush teas, spices, infused honey and other products that are individually made with care in Australia. Here at Roogenic, it is our mission to embrace Australian culture, share the phenomenal health benefits and traditional uses of Native Australian plants, while also making them accessible and easy to use for people around the world. Our range of Australian products are packed full of organically grown and wildly harvested ingredients and are carefully selected for their natural properties. It is with huge pride that we continue to work with Indigenous communities and small farmers across Australia to share the best quality ingredients straight from the outback. It is the Roogenic vision to help foster this local food movement within Australia and around the world, encouraging the growth of Australian culture and bring a unique taste of Australian spirit into your home.
  2. Rule1
    Our mission is to bring you the best formulated and manufactured protein powders and nutrition supplements in the world. To accomplish this mission and remain true to our creed, “the best input = the best output”. You can rest assured knowing that any product produced by Rule One Proteins contains the finest raw materials and ingredients available Our creed “the best input = the best output” is always on our minds.
  1. San
    SAN's powerful supplements have been helping athletes increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, and improve athletic performance since 1996. SAN has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence because we have consistently delivered the highest quality and most innovative products on the market. We have not only led the way with the most significant supplement breakthroughs, the potency and effectiveness of every product bearing a SAN label is light years ahead of the competition.
  2. Sanum
    Sanum is a German-based company basing its formulations in homeopathic remedies, which provide unique holistic options for overall health support. From tinctures for seasonal health challenges to capsules supporting healthy immune response for temporary relief of skin irritations, Natural Healthy Concepts offers a diverse product selection from Sanum. Pleo Sanum products from Sanum-Kehlbeck in Germany are unique combinations of homeopathic, isopathics, immunomodulators and other scientific formulations that seek to maintain an optimal level of health and wellness. The products include plants, minerals or animal substances that are designed to work at a deep cellular level, stimulating a natural immune response and restoring internal balance and overall health. The products also seek to support metabolic function and natural detoxification processes. Products are available in several forms, including oral capsules or tablets, powdered supplements, diluted drops, inhalable ingredients, suppositories, topical creams, tinctures or ointments, and other methods. Pleo Muc Eye drops, Pleo Alkala and Pleo San Strep drops are among the best sellers of the Sanum products. Order yours today
  3. Scitek
    Since 1996, Scitec Nutrition has grown to become a leading global brand of sports nutrition supplements with more than 700 product formulations, 135 proprietary flavoring systems, and distribution in over 90 countries. Unlike most sports nutrition brands, at Scitec, we formulate and produce all of our protein powders and supplements! Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are staffed with over 600 dedicated employees, and 41 lab technicians and formulators that produce over 15,000 tons of the highest quality protein powders annually. In fact, Scitec is one of the largest whey protein manufacturers in the world selling over 120 million servings annually in over 50 flavors, and we are capable of producing over 100,000 servings per hour! In addition to proteins, we have a full spectrum of proprietary pre-workout, intra-workout, post-workout, amino acid blends, creatine blends, and a full range of essential vitamins and minerals for optimum sports performance. At Scitec, we are all about quality and performance at the highest level!
  4. Scivation
    At Scivation, we are whole-heartedly committed to excellence in manufacturing, research and results. After years of doing this — and with over a century of combined experience — we are unwilling to settle for complacency or commonplace. We know we are dealing with delicate and intricate biological machinery. And we know that only those products that are rigorously investigated for efficacy and relevance are worthy of the Scivation name; worthy of putting into your body.
  5. Southern Nature
    Southernature is a 100% Australian owned and made natural healthcare brand. It was established by healthcare professionals who have comprehensive knowledge and experience in complementary medicines. Southernature is passionate about providing natural alternatives to help improve and maintain one’s general wellbeing. Our range of natural solutions aims to encourage and enhance your body’s natural capabilities.
  6. Suttons
    Silver has been known as a bactericide for over a thousand years. A colloid is quite simply a sub microscopic particle of one substance suspended in a different substance (the medium). Even in ancient times, it was known to prevent disease and was commonly thought that disease could not be transferred from one person to another if by drinking from a silver cup. Silver coins were dropped into milk to prevent spoilage and silver containers were used to store foods in general. Until almost 1970, it was common for scientists to sterilize petrii dishes by placing a silver coin in them and silver was long used for plates for the surgical repair of bones. The most common usage of silver was by members of royal families, who used silver utensils almost exclusively. The result was that over a number of generations, royalty enjoyed freedom from infectious diseases, unlike commoners, who ate from earthen ware jugs and bowls and who were frequently ill.
  7. Sweetlife
    SweetLife® is Australia’s original and most recognised creator of sugar free products using nature’s finest sugar free alternative sweetness ingredient - xylitol. By being the first to bring the all-natural, health-enhancing xylitol products to the market, we are recognised as the #1 leading Australian distributor of xylitol based products that can help you with quitting sugar. Our products can also positively impact on weight loss, healthy lifestyle choices, diabetes and gluten intolerant symptoms.
  8. Switch Nutrition
    Our natural range of supplements has been designed purely for selfish reasons... we wanted these products in our lives on the daily... so we created them WHAT WE STAND FOR SCIENCE-BASED FORMULAS. This doesn’t just mean quoting studies to sound smart. The sciences of nutrition, genetics, and biochemistry are still in their infancy. But waiting on the sidelines for some magical day when researchers finally just “get it” would be silly. Instead, we’re committed to getting in the game! We won’t just be up-to-speed with the literature; we also want to conduct the studies themselves. Our aim is to partner with research institutions to study things like how Switch NutritionTM products affect physical and mental performance and well-being. We currently Betatest all our products in average people and elite athletes. That’s the only way to produce products that are not only good on paper, but also prove their worth in the real World.
  1. Temole
    In the 16th century the Aztecs created guacamole. Hand crafted from rich avocados, tomatoes, onions limes and seasonings this luscious concoction is now an iconic element of Tex-Mex a fusion of American and Mexican Cuisine. At Temole on San Antonio, TX, we combined the classic pairing of guacamole and chips into a portable snack: avocado tortilla chips. Imagine perfect blend of our crispiest chips, the creamiest avocados, and our incredible spices from around the world! Transforming the regular tortilla chips, Temole has done the chopping and mixing for you, and oven baked that delectable blend of avocado do and spices right into our gourmet chips
  1. Udo's
    Udo's Oil Blend is an excellent vegetarian source of OMEGA 3’S AND OMEGA 6’ fatty acids that are essential for the proper functioning of our brains as adults, and for the development of our nervous system and visual abilities during the first six months of life.
  1. Vitargo
    Vitargo Global Sciences, Inc. is an evidence-based performance nutrition company. University studies in humans prove the products are superior to the fastest carb: maltodextrin. Vitargo is one of the rare companies led by a nutrition science expert (Anthony L. Almada, MSc, FISSN, Nutritional/Exercise Biochemistry, UC Berkeley; co-founder of EAS; 40+ years of nutrition science, clinical research and industry experience). Like a pharmaceutical company, Vitargo allocate a percentage of their revenues to sponsoring university studies in human athletes, led by expert research scientists. By 2016 they will have completed over a dozen studies on four different Vitargo ®-containing products. Unlike a pharmaceutical company, though, they tenaciously strive to pioneer natural quality control measures that are unparalleled: best in class testing for gluten (ELISA), banned substances (, and label claims on EACH batch (after manufacture on ALL our products—the first brand in the world).
  2. Vitawerx
    VITAWERX is a sports nutrition and health-based company focused on formulating market-leading products for everyone. Our goal is to continually research and produce a broad range of natural health products to achieve practical everyday results. To bring our crazy ideas to life, we’ve joined forces with some of Australia’s best food scientists, naturopaths and biochemists to create innovative products Our team are dedicated to creating high-quality natural products to give you the best possible results while putting your health first. At VITAWERX we practise what we preach! Known as the VI-Team we all have a special place for fitness, clean eating and everything healthy! We have a passion for promoting an active, healthy lifestyle and are proud to formulate quality products that have an abundance of benefits
  1. Weleda
    Since it was established, Weleda has followed aims which sprang from its founding principles. Our products are intended to support people in their personal development, in maintaining, promoting and restoring their health and in their efforts to achieve physical well-being and a balanced lifestyle. This company philosophy determines Weleda's economic approach and will remain the guiding principle for our future. Today, Weleda is represented in over 50 countries on all five continents. The three main sites are still where Weleda’s history began: in Arlesheim, near Basel in Switzerland; in Schwäbisch Gmünd near Stuttgart in Germany and in the French city of Huningue, Alsace. From these bases – and from our company branches the world over – Weleda produces hundreds of natural cosmetics and thousands of pharmaceuticals, still partly produced from medicinal plants of our own gardens. Responsible dealings with both nature and people have always formed part of our business, ever since Rudolf Steiner articulated his vision of a company completely at the service of human beings and the world as a whole. Whether it’s through fair trade, biodynamic cultivation or the supportive development of our employees – sustainability is part of our roots.
  2. White Wolf Nutrition

    White Wolf Nutrition is a specialised nutrition organisation dedicated to the health and well-being of its customers through all natural protein powders and supplements.

    We were established in April 2016 on the beautiful NSW Central Coast and have experienced exponential growth since inception and we are now selling into 9 countries.

    The business was founded to fill a key gap in the sports nutrition market to provide supplements with only the highest quality all natural ingredients with an aim to always source Australian grown where possible.

    Our supplements are packed with superfoods, BCAA’s/EAA's, prebiotics and are naturally sweetened with stevia.

  3. Whole Earth and Sea
    Nature doesn’t deliver naked, isolated nutrients. Neither do we. The Whole Earth & Sea difference starts with organically grown raw materials then gently processes them whole with our own proprietary technology to preserve their natural goodness. Whole plants provide a broad spectrum of phytonutrients that make raw nutrition the preferred choice. Likewise, our supplements deliver a complex matrix of vitamins, minerals and enzymes surrounded by the bioenergetics of raw foods. With Whole Earth & Sea, the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts.
  1. Zea Releif
    Australian Kunzea is a natural treasure when it comes to essential oils. It could potentially be the greatest essential oil Australia has ever produced! It is a member of the Myrtaceae (Myrtle) family and is steam distilled from the leaves of the Kunzea ambigua plant. The compounds within the oil have demonstrated several therapeutic benefits and uses. Kunzea ambigua, also known as "White Cloud", "Tasmanian Kunzea", "Zea Oil" and "Tick Bush", is a tall shrub, that grows up to three metres in height, with abundant white flowers during Spring. It is native to the cooler coastal areas of Australia (Southern New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania). It grows profusely in the wild, especially in Tasmania and the Bass Strait islands.