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Loving Earth

Loving Earth

Founded in 2007, Loving Earth is a Melbourne-based sustainably-minded business that works with small communities to produce the finest in organic foods. With strong fair trade beliefs, the company works with a number of Indigenous communities around the world to source the finest in raw ingredients for their range of chocolate bars, teas, spreads and superfood snacks.

Loving Earth is a proudly Australian company whose ethos is based around three central concepts: their products need to be Healthy, Sustainable and Fair. At its heart of this philosophy is James Lovelock’s famous Gaia theory — that the Earth has evolved to be one large single living organism.

It follows then that Loving Earth products are not only the finest quality and great for our physical wellbeing but also recognise the fact that we are an inherent part of the environment in which we live and must protect our Earth — our home.

The team at Loving Earth believe eating natural, sustainable foods in their pure states is one of the best ways to do this famous philosophy justice.