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Nature Sunshine

Nature Sunshine

Because a legacy of caring and sharing has exemplified the Hughes family business throughout the years, their NSP family has grown into a worldwide organisation with subsidiary organisations located in Venezuela, Japan, Canada, Colombia, the United Kingdom and Ireland, The Russian Federation, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador , Israel, China, Belarus, Dominican Republic, Poland and the Ukraine. The Company also has exclusive distribution agreements with selected companies located in Australia , Argentina , New Zealand and Norway .

 The Australian operation was established in June, 1981, being the third wholly owned Subsidiary to open for business following the U.S.A. , Canada and New Zealand . In keeping with corporate direction and the Hughes’ family’s creed of ‘helping people to help themselves to a healthier, happier life’, the distribution method of selling herbs and nutritional supplements in Australia was via multi-level marketing (M.L.M.)

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